Saturday, December 27, 2014

How To Write An Original Story

All of the good ideas are gone and there is nothing left to write about except chosen teenagers, oppressive governments, and love triangles. You try to look for something groundbreaking, something unique, but whenever you think of something good, you realize that it's already been done.

So what do you do? Panic and quite writing, obviously. Just kidding. Here is something things you have to realize.

1. No plot is original. Now say that again and again until it's engraved in your skull. Dissect some of the greatest stories you've ever heard. Luke Skywalker and Harry Potter are the young male lead of an amazing new world, they both have something that gives them a special power (the force, magic), they both have a special weapon (a lightsaber and a wand), they both are the chosen one, they're both orphaned, and they're both specifically sought after by the evil pale faced villains. Art is recycled, so stop trying to be original, it's impossible.

2. You must give an unoriginal plot, original ideas. Even though Harry Potter and Starwars are similar, we can all admit that they're hardly the same. In my novel, Mila (A Three-Part Story), some of my ideas were inspired from one of my favorite films, Gladiator. Gladiator is the story of a general turned slave turned gladiator who must gain his freedom and take revenge on the emperor who killed his family. Mila is the story of a slave turned gladiator who must win her freedom and find her son. While there are similarities of course, the fact that Mila is a girl separates my story from Gladiator. The fact that her son is still alive and missing separates my story from Gladiator. The fact that, Mila's master begins to desire her in a romantic was separates my story from Gladiator.

3. No matter how much your story is like another, it will still be different. No two authors are alike. If you and I both wrote a story about a circus boy, I bet the outcomes would be drastically different. Why? Because our styles are probably different, we might choose different names, we'll probably have different dialogue. You may put emphasis on the animals in the circus while I might put emphasis on the conductor. No matter how similar our original story ideas are, it is impossible for them to end up exactly the same unless you plagiarize me word for word.

So, there you are! Quit fussing and write your story.

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