Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Stuck in the Middle of Your Novel?

So you've written a ton of words, you have your ending planned out, but now it seems like you're just adding filler to get there. Whatever do you do? You don't want the reader to be bored, but you're bored. Then you start to second guess yourself. Maybe you aren't the person to be writing this novel. Maybe you're not cut out to be a writer at all. Maybe you'll never write again. You're all just like...

Calm down. Don't quit. Here are some tips to help you get through those middle pages.

1. Add another subplot. In my novel Mila (A Three-Part Story), the main character and her son are captured by Rome and sold into slavery. Mila is sold as a gladiator with no idea where her son is. Now Mila must fight for her freedom to so that she can search for him. Simple plot, but it'd be pretty boring if it was just her fighting. So, I added subplots. Mila's master finds Mila attractive and wants her for himself. Mila would never marry a Roman and she tells this to him, which makes him angry. Her master accuses her of liking one of her fellow slaves, and then makes life difficult for the both of them. I've said it before and I'll say it again, people love drama! Adding subplots can thicken your plot and it will give you something to write in those middle pages.

2. When in doubt, kill somebody. If this weren't in the context of writing, I'd be ushered off to an insane asylum right now. Luckily, my fellow author friends know exactly what I'm talking about. Killing a character puts a stop in all major plot points and focuses in on the emotional aspects of your character. Was it somebody's fault that they died? Could it have been prevented? How do your characters respond to the death? Killing characters open a lot of doors to conflict, drama, and more middle pages.


3. Add some romance! Who doesn't love romance? Am I right? I am. We love it when we are introduced to a charming new character that just happens to like our hero. Not only do we have to take time (middle pages) to develop these relationships, but we can also add drama within them. Maybe both of your characters hate each other at first, then by the end of your second act they start to fall for each other. Maybe your main character has two love interests. Maybe they like someone who likes someone else. There are so many things you can do and it will make your book all the more interesting.

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